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last change: 10.06.2011

ZS1: new program version
improved FLARM display,
changed and new NMEA sentences.
UTC also set by other GPS sources
For more information see ZS3038DE.TXT in

previous changes:

previous program version for ZS1
For more information see ZS3037DE.TXT in

ZS1, SR940:
for Vista users: WinZAN install program
(necessary to run WinZAN14 software)

20. 05. 2007:
new airfield data base for
Europe, South Africa and Australia.

ZS1, SR940: WinSR02.exe
replaces old version in PC software WinZAN14.
Necessary to make correct conversions
from OpenAir format to AZ format for ZS1/SR940
and to be able to upload new AZ files to ZS1/SR940.

GP941: Programmversion 2.11
Due to inaccurate time recording during weak GPS reception the
firmware within GP941 must be changed if GP941 is used in
competitions or for FAI speed records.The version upgrade
is for free but can be done only at the manufacturer.

SR940: SR2008.PRG
Prepared for new analog unit ZS1R.